Targeted industries

//Targeted industries

targeted industrieis - Pack Expo

Main targeted industries

Pack Expo is the most important event in South East Europe dedicated to the entire packaging industry with accent on food and drink, pharmaceutics and cosmetics, industrial goods and non-food sector. A large variety of materials and most innovative packaging solutions will be present in wide and well-structured exhibition space

Food and drinks

  • Bakery/pastry/confectionery

  • Water/Sodas

  • Wine/Beer/Alcoholic drinks

  • Milk products

  • Fruits/Vegetables

  • Cereals/Seeds

  • Meat/Seafood

  • Precooked

  • Frozen and fresh products

Pharmaceutics and cosmetics

  • Chemicals for home-use

  • Cosmetics

  • Body line products

  • Soaps

  • Home-use products

  • Chemical products

  • Pharmaceutical products

Non food

  • Electronics/Home appliances

  • Furniture decorations

  • IT/Telecommunications

  • Clothes/Footwear

  • Toys

Industrial goods

  • Material an parts

  • Industrial commodities